Our Moral Responsibility to Address Climate Change

August 31, 2011
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Below is an opportunity that has come to our attention from a respected colleague, Bob Doppelt, who is working with others on the National Climate Ethics Campaign. Please see Bob's note below and consider showing your support for their efforts by signing the statement if you agree with its content. We believe it is very much inline with the goals of the ACUPCC and a powerful way to demonstrate the moral imperative for taking meaningful action on climate.

More details about the National Climate Ethics Campaign can be found below Bob's note.


Dear Colleagues,

This note is to ask you to consider signing a statement developed by the National Climate Ethics Campaign that individually and collectively our great nation has a moral obligation to address climate change.

The statement and endorsement form can be found here: http://climateethicscampaign.org/statement.

News from the International Energy Agency this summer that CO2 emissions in 2010 were the highest in history and atmospheric CO2 has now risen to levels that are precariously close to pushing surface temperatures beyond 2 degrees C underscores the importance of taking aggressive action to address climate change.

The National Climate Ethics Campaign is therefore seeking signatures on the statement from a broad spectrum of national leaders, including current and former Republican and Democratic officials as well as leaders from the business, finance, faith, youth, academic, and other communities. It will be released to Congress, every state legislature and every governor, the business and non-profit community and general public nationwide in the fall of this year. Please consider endorsing the statement.


Bob Doppelt

Executive Director, The Resource Innovation Group

Steering Committee Member, National Climate Ethics Campaign


About the Climate Ethics Campaign:

In early 2011, a group of 27 people representing conservative and liberal organizations and constituencies from across the nation came together to form the Climate Ethics Campaign. The campaign seeks to make clear to leaders at every level of society that when deciding if or how to respond to climate change we must acknowledge and act on our nation's long held moral principles: to protect current and future generations from unjustifiable suffering and death, to act in a just and equitable manner, and to protect the Earth's natural systems that support all life, including ours.

Acting on these moral principles requires that the U.S. rapidly reduce greenhouse gas emissions, prepare for climate change, and help the people most impacted here and abroad respond to the impacts.

The campaign steering committee has written a 'Statement of our Nation's Moral Responsibility to Address Climate Change.' Because climate change affects everyone, we are now seeking signatures of endorsement on the statement from Republicans and Democrats as well as conservatives, moderates, liberals and all other leaders from the public, private, academic, and non-profit sectors nationwide. It will be released to President Obama, Congress, each governor, key leaders within the private sector, and the media in the fall.

Following the release of the statement, the campaign will assist organizations, sectors and communities nationwide to continually insist that when making decisions about energy use, emission reductions, or climate preparedness and adaptation our moral obligations must hold equal or greater weight to economic or national self-interest.

Learn more at http://climateethicscampaign.org


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