Second Nature Staff Attend Rally for Clean Electricity

December 15, 2009
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By Dan Abrams, Second Nature Intern

Alyssa and I are members of Students for a Just and Stable Future (SFJSF). Our group is putting on the Leadership Campaign, which calls on Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick and his legislature to introduce and pass a bill that will re-power the state of Massachusetts with 100% clean electricity by 2020.

We have been sleeping out nearly every night since October 24th to put pressure on the Governor and to demonstrate how serious we are.  During this time, we've had a few celebrity sleep-out appearances on the Boston Common!

In order of appearance:

1. Dr. James Hansen, acting as private citizen but director of the Goddard Institute at NASA, premiere climate scientist.

James Hansen receives his citation

2. Michelle Dyer, VP of Strategy and Operations at Second Nature.

3. Georges Dyer, Senior Fellow at Second Nature.

4. Ulli Klein, Operations Manager, Executive Assistant, and self-proclaimed Second Nature Intern Dictator.

Second Nature's Michelle Dyer, Georges Dyer, and Ulli Klein visit interns Dan Abrams and Alyssa Pandolfi on the Common

4. Bill McKibben, environmentalist, writer, founder of and International Day of Climate Action.

5. Tony Cortese, President of Second Nature and former Commissioner of the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection.

Last week we had a meeting with Governor Patrick to discuss our bill and our asks.  He said he was impressed by our actions and also wants to see a future that is powered by clean energy and not fossil fuels. His administration took our information back and will await final calculations on November 30.


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