Campus Sustainability Day Webcast and Interactive Conversation

September 21, 2011

 Campus Sustainability Day

Campus Sustainability Day
October 26th 2011 | Join the Conversation!

Campus Sustainability Day is a time to focus and reflect on the success of the sustainability movement in higher education. Together, we’re moving society forward towards a sustainable future.

As individual campuses we are strong, but as a movement we are stronger still, and our connections across campuses and institutions enable us to learn from one another and grow as a movement. Second Nature invites you to join an event to spark conversation and new connections this Campus Sustainability Day by participating in:

Campus Conversations (October 26th, 2011)
A Useful Education: Sustainability in Admissions,
Retention, and Educational Value

More about Campus Conversations after the jump.

How to Participate:

  • Register now to participate in the conversation. It’s free!
  • Schedule your events on campus – organize discussions in class, schedule an all-campus teach-in, or tune-in as part of your own celebration.
  • Log in on Campus Sustainability Day and watch the 15-20 minute webcast to get the conversation started. You can watch the webcast anytime during Campus Sustainability Day, or re-screen several times.
  • Watch, ask questions, and respond to feedback on the Campus Conversations website. Participants will be recording video responses and stories on the conversation, and you can contribute by submitting your own questions, uploading video responses, and participating in other interactive media outlets.
  • Post your event on the Campus Sustainability Day Event Calendar.

If you have a story to share about sustainability, campus admissions, and the value of a useful education – contact Sarah Brylinsky at

More About Campus Conversations:
This interactive webcast and live Q&A will pose the question: In a time of increasing focus on the value and use of a college education, how are sustainability and climate programs offering prospective students and their families, as well as enrolled students, the opportunity to engage in a useful, innovative, and valued educational experience?

Campus Conversations will provide a short webcast to spark conversation, engagement, and inquiry into the concept of sustainability as a core facet of a useful education. Then, share your opinions and insights, and see feedback from across the country, by participating in an interactive dialogue with video responses from students, faculty and staff, and admissions staff.

Click here to register your campus.

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