Share Your Stories for Campus Sustainability Day

October 25, 2011

Share Your Stories

In celebration of Campus Sustainability Day we invite you to share your responses to our event  - Campus Conversations - by posting your feedback, comments, stories, and ideas on the conversation topic – sustainability in admissions, retention, and educational value.

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A Useful Education: Sustainability in Admissions, Retention, and Educational Value 

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Share Your Thoughts and Stories
In a time of increasing focus on the value and use of a college education, how are sustainability and climate programs offering prospective students and their families, as well as enrolled students, the opportunity to engage in a useful, innovative, and valued educational experience? Sustainability programs, and curricular opportunities, offer a variety of ways for students to engage in transforming their campus and learning about their world, society, and place in it.

Do these opportunities make for a more engaged student body?  Do they attract students to a university?

Do you think that students at your campus are interested in sustainability as part of their education, and are prospective students going to be looking for sustainability when they visit campus?

Share your thoughts!

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