New Report Finds Higher Education Has Critical Role in Adapting to Changing Climate

November 8, 2011

Human society is facing an unprecedented rate of change due to a very rapidly shifting climate.  This is resulting in already-documented vulnerabilities to human communities,” said Dr. David A. Caruso, President of Antioch University New England.  ”As this report makes clear, higher education institutions are well-positioned and ready to leverage the best of our faculty and students to empower people to rapidly respond, in effective, just and transparent ways, to a changing world.

Read the news release about the report, learn about the committee responsible for authoring it, or download the PDF.

Second Nature, the lead supporting organization of the ACUPCC, and Clean Air – Cool Planet administered the committee and supported the development of the report.

Publication Review: The 2010 Campus Sustainability Review (AASHE)

August 17, 2011

An excellent overview of college and university sustainability efforts, The 2010 Campus Sustainability Review offers a comprehensive look at the achievements of campus sustainability by taking the varied, complex, and broad-reaching developments on campuses over the past year, and translating individual successes into a meaningful snapshot of current trends and major milestones for higher education.

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