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And my bicycle rusts away...

October 16, 2009

by Rima Mulla, Communications Associate, Second Nature

East Boston is a great neighborhood to live in. It's colorful, it's affordable, and most importantly it's within a stone's throw of downtown Boston. No, really -- check out the view from my deck!

The distance from my apartment to 18 Tremont is only about 3 miles. I catch a bus right outside my front door down to the T Station, and from there it's a mere 5-6 minutes to Government Center. All told, I spend between 40-50 minutes on public transportation each day. I really can't complain about my commute...

... except that I wish I could bike to work! Particularly for No Impact Week, but in general, too.

Unfortunately, bicycles aren't allowed in any of the harbor tunnels that connect East Boston to downtown, and even if I were courageous enough to bike on the Tobin Bridge (Route 1 on the map below), I'm pretty sure it's not permitted there, either.

So while I'd love to be able to eliminate my use of mechanized transportation during No Impact Week, I'm going to have to make some compromises. My plan is to put on the sneakers and walk the 20 minutes to my T station, then take the train one stop across the harbor (rather than the three stops to Government Center) and walk the rest of the way. Weather permitting.

So no making fun of me in my office attire + gym shoes, ok?

Starting Off Right....

October 16, 2009

by Ulli Klein, Operations Manager and Executive Assistant, Second Nature

No Impact Week is coming up and our entire office is going to join forces and see what happens, it might even be a friendly competition. We do have some empathy for the few staff members who will be on an airplane next week (sorry guys, you may come in last).

In preparation for No Impact Week, I was actually watching my trash output this week ran out of bio-degradable trash bags at home and am fairly please to report that I can fit all of my trash into one popcorn bag.

I am looking forward to seeing how next week will look, but more importantly at work as we are going to apply No Impact Week to work and home.

It's all about thinking before printing.

That's one motto I am going to channel. And I might actually have to cook real food and bring it with me to the quick jog down the street to get a sandwich. All in all, we are all pretty excited to see what we will experience next week.  Even if you just join for one day, you really should!


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